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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

“We believe that humanity’s health depends on the health of the land. We respect all forms of life, and consider biodiversity to be fundamental for their well-being. We value foods made respectful of the environment and we promote the use of medicinal plants that can improve the well-being of all living organisms.

We believe in an integrative medicine, based on healthy habits, biologically cultivated foods, methods of healing that are respectful, and in responsible humans that actively participate — both mentally and emotionally — in improving their own health.”
- Dieter le Noir, M.D.

Sanandi USA

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About Us

At Sanandi's Demeter Biodynamic-certified farm, Rancho la Paz, we handcraft in small batches herbal products adhering to the strictest of international guidelines. The project was founded and is led by Dieter le Noir, M.D. (trained in Anthroposophic, Naturopathic, and Holistic medicine). He has studied biodynamic agriculture in the US, Switzerland, and Germany, and collaborates with other experts in the field in the formulation of all our products, with the goal of providing high-potency, herbal-based products that help achieve and maintain wellbeing.

At our farm we grow medicinal plants used in all of our products; it has its own seed bank, green house, multiple apiaries, and wormery, and all biodynamic preparations are made in-house. We promote a truly biodiverse oasis and value and respect nature, its ecosystems and all organisms, adhering to the principles of Common Good.

A cornerstone of our project is Sanandi's Valle la Paz Foundation, funded in part with proceeds from sales of our herbal products. It focuses on the following 3 key areas: 1) Working with school-age children in the surrounding impoverished communities, providing free, nutritious hot meals to more than 350 children every day, and supporting their education by sponsoring music, art, and health integrative courses; 2) Operating a rural health clinic that provides a holistic approach to wellbeing; and 3) Promoting biological and organic agriculture with local farmers so that they may cultivate with respect for the land and the environment, and receive a fair and dignified remuneration for their harvest.

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